Takeflight TF03 Tactical LED Flashlight Review – Survival Pen Flashlight

Are you looking for a survival pen styled LED flashlight?

This is the all new TF LED flashlight which can also act like a normal pen for day to day usage. It is really durable and suitable for all kinds of usage.

This company is developed by a US Veteran. The pen flashlight is designed and manufactured by them as well.

Let's check out the review below.

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This Takeflight TF03 LED flashlight is really a crowd pleaser on Amazon, they have added this flashlight in the amazon's choice category as the best nurse gift flashlight. 

Overall more than 260 people gave it a rating of 4.4 stars.

Who can use this Flashlight?

According to the manufacturer, this Takeflight TF03 LED flashlight is made for survival. People in nursing or military department can use this flashlight as it also has an actual pen inside it which you can use to write down stuff.

It is also recommended for police, military pilots and law enforcement usage as well.

Batteries & Charger

This Takeflight TF03 LED flashlight works with LR45 batteries. The manufacturer will provide you with two sets of batteries on purchase.

Modes & Runtimes

There is only a single mode on this flashlight.


There is a very simple click button for on and off.


This Takeflight TK03 flashlight is made with high-quality aircraft grade aluminum in the CNC machine. It is tough, rugged and will last you for years to come. 

This pen will never break in your bag or in your pocket.

Best part?

This flashlight can also be used as a glass breaker in emergency situations which makes it perfect for emergency services.

Really impressive, right?

The writing ballpoint comes out when you turn the flashlight pen like a screw. Also, you can actually stab an assaulter with this pen!

Dimensions & Weight

The weight of the flashlight is only 3 ounces. The length of the flashlight is 6 inches, and the diameter is only 0.6 inch.


You will get a 1-year warranty on this Takeflight Tk03 flashlight. Also, they will provide you with extra replacement smooth writing black ink if you ever run out.

You can register your product on their website and get an additional year of warranty for free.


So, what’s in the package?

  • Take flight TK03 Tactical LED flashlight
  • Extra flashing battery
  • 2 X Extra refillable ink cartridges
  • Warranty card
  • Gift box
  • ​Really compact flashlight.
  • ​The pen feature works flawlessly.
  • ​It is made with strong aluminum.
  • ​Perfect for a gift.
  • ​Can be used as a glass breaker.
  • ​Designed and manufactured by a US Veteran.
  • ​2-year warranty.
  • ​Don't expect the LED to be very bright like a small LED flashlight.
If you are looking for a pen flashlight, then this is one of the best choices on Amazon. It is used by the navy seal and military pilots in the US, who wants their pen to be tactical in nature. Buy it today from Amazon as it does not cost a lot, it is a perfect present for a nurse or a person in a job where they have to write a lot of stuff.

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