Streamlight 76832 PolyStinger Review in 2022

Looking for a very good partner for outdoor camping and hiking?

We have bought you a very special LED flashlight in this Review Post. We are reviewing the Streamlight 76832 LED flashlight today, and we will go about exploring all the fantastic information of this flashlight.

Streamlight 76832 PolyStinger DS LED Review

Streamlight 76832 PolyStinger DS LED Review


First of all, let's talk about the fan base of this flashlight.

On Amazon, this best LED flashlight 2022 has earned a total of 4.5 stars out of 5 for its quality and performance. Nearly 100 happy buyers have rated it with a very good rating.

Who can use this Flashlight?

This Streamlight Polystinger is an all-purpose flashlight. It is compact, very powerful and rechargeable. Anyone who needs a reliable flashlight when working in night duties or going out camping at night can use it.

It is widely used in law enforcement, fire & rescue, security and as an emergency flashlight in cars.

Batteries & Charger

This best LED flashlight 2022 is a rechargeable flashlight. It comes with a massive three-cell battery. The following are the specifications of the battery:

  • 3.6 Volt
  • Sub-C Nickel Cadmium
  • Recharge Cycles: 1000

If you are ordering a European model, then you will get a 3.6 Volt Ni-MH Sub-C battery with the flashlight. This battery can also be recharged for up to 1000 cycles.

The company offers an extra fast charger which can charge the battery in only 2.5 hours. Additionally, if you are going to charge the battery with the kit 120 Volt charger which comes with the pack, then it is going to take about 10 hours to charge the battery to 100%.

Really awesome, right?

They have also incorporated a LED charge-continuity indicator on their flashlight. Also, to make charging on the flashlight easy, the company has developed a snap-in charger which will mount itself in any position that you try to plug the charger in.

All the batteries and the charges have their own serial numbers to accommodate positive identification in case if it malfunctions or suffers from any other defects.


The next bit we are going to talk about is the lens and the LED of this flashlight.

This Streamlight 76832 Polystinger LED flashlight has a powerful C4 LED bulb installed in it. This LED bulb is very powerful and bright. 

You don't have to worry if you are going to keep the flashlight on for long periods of time as this LED is made specifically to cater to these needs.

The C4 LED is impact resistant and is paired with optimized electronics inside the flashlight which help the LED to regulate the intensity of light on its own. The total lifespan of this awesome LED bulb is whopping 50,000 Hours.

Lens and LED Housing

This flashlight comes with a specially designed Deep-Dish Parabolic reflector which helps the flashlight to produce a constricted beam with perfect peripheral lighting (see the picture below).

The Lens on this best LED flashlight for law enforcement 2022 is made out of unbreakable polycarbonate and has an anti-scratch coating on it.

No more worrying about scratches!

Streamlight 76832 REview

Check out the picture above to see the special feature that Streamlight has developed for their flashlights. If you look at the first two pictures, you will see a beam of light that is either spread out and does not go long distance or a beam that is focused for long range but gives no illumination to nearby objects. 

Streamlight has made a clever reflector which helps the light beam to go out in long distance with a tight beam but also has excellent peripheral vision lighting to see the objects in the nearby distance.

Really clever designing, do you agree?

Modes & Runtimes

This Streamlight 76832 Flashlight comes with three basic lighting modes. You will get a super bright mode, medium mode, and a low mode.

Super Bright Mode: This super beam mode will give you a peak beam intensity of 26,000 candelas along with 385 Lumen brightness. The beam throw distance and the runtime for this mode are 1056 feet and 2 hours respectively.

Medium mode: In this mode, you will get a runtime of 3 hours and 45 minutes along with a beam throw distance of 750 feet. The Lumen output will be 195, and the peak beam intensity will be 13,000 candelas.

Low Mode: During this mode, the peak beam intensity and the Lumen output will be 6,500 candelas and 95 Lumens respectively. Along with that, you will get 7 hours and 15 minutes runtime with 525 feet beam throw distance.

Cool, right?

They have even added a strobe mode on this flashlight as well.


This flashlight has a multifunctional on/off switch on the top and also has a tail cap switch as well. Both of these switches can be used and provide full feature control autonomous of each other.


This best flashlight 2022 has been made to be used in very rough conditions. It is made out of nylon polymer which is very tough and non-conductive in nature.

The manufacturer has also added non-slip rubber grips for your comfort while handling this flashlight. The O-ring on this flashlight is also sealed with perfection.

Streamlight flashlight can withstand as fall as well because all their flashlights are tested out with 10 feet impact resistant testing.

Waterproof Rating

If you have a habit of spilling water or using your flashlight in the rain, then you will love to hear that this flashlight is completely water resistant. It has been rated with an IPX4 water resistant rating.

Dimensions & Weight

The weight of this awesome flashlight is only 11.9 ounces. The flashlight is 1.21 inches in diameter and 8.64 inches in length.


The Streamlight 76832 Polystinger Flashlight meets all the applicable European Community Directives.


Limited Lifetime Warranty is provided on this flashlight. The company will replace/refund the product if you find any defective parts inside it.

Although, the rechargeable batteries, switches, charger and the electronics on the flashlight has a warranty of 2 years only.


  • Streamlight 76832 Polystinger Flashlight
  • 2 good quality Holders
  • 120 Volt AC/DC Charger
  • 3.6 Volt sub-C Ni-Cd Battery OR 3.6 Volt sub-C Ni-MH Battery (offered in European systems).
  • Pros
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
    • C4 Lens with 50,000 Hours Lifespan.
    • Batteries will charge at least 1000 cycles.
    • Made with tough Nylon polymer.
    • Flashlight tested at 1 million actuations.
    • 3 Modes with Strobe feature.
    • Long runtimes on Low mode.
    • Dual Switch technology.
    • LED charge-continuity indicator.
    • IPX4 Water resistant rating.
    • 10 feet impact resistant.
    • Unbreakable Lens with anti-scratch coating.
    • Unbreakable Lens with anti-scratch coating.
    • Not submersible in water for long periods.
    This Streamlight 76832 Polystinger LED flashlight is the real deal. It is specifically made to last in brutal and rough conditions along with extreme usage. You get a battery that can be charged for 1000 cycles along with a C4 LED which is super bright and extremely difficult to damage. 

    If you are looking for a very well-built flashlight, then this is an ideal choice. They also provide a lifetime warranty as well, in case something goes wrong with the flashlight. 

    Head on to Amazon and buy it today!

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