Streamlight 75900 Stinger Review – is it the best?

This is a medium-sized LED flashlight manufactured by Streamlight. It is well known that Streamlight produces some of the best working type affordable flashlights on the market.

Check out the sections below to see all the features of this beauty.

Streamlight 75900 Stinger Review

Streamlight 75900 Stinger Review


This is one of the best rated LED flashlights on the market. It has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon which tells a lot about the quality and the performance of this awesome LED flashlight.

62 people who bought this best-rated flashlight from Amazon have expressed their happiness in the reviews.

Who can use this Flashlight?

This is a very well-built LED flashlight. It is made out of strong materials and has a lot of Lumen power, and hence it can be used by workmen who work in security, rescue, patrol and law enforcement.

This best LED flashlight is going to serve you very well.

Batteries & Charger

Streamlight has added a 3 Cell 3.6 Volt Ni-MH sub-C battery in this flashlight. This battery has a rated rechargeable life cycle of 1000 times.

You will need about 4.5 hours to completely charge this flashlight from 0 to 100 percent. You will also be given a smart piggyback charger with this flashlight which has the capacity to charge this flashlight in 7.5 hours.

The charger that comes with the flashlight is a snap in charger and will fit regardless of the position your insert it in.


The manufacturer has used a CREE C4 LED in this flashlight which is rated to give out high performance and brightness while consuming low power.

This LED is shockproof if dropped from hand and has a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Lens and LED Housing

This best LED flashlight for camping has an unbreakable lens which is made out of polycarbonate. This lens also has a special coating of anti-scratch material.

Additionally, it also features a deep-dish reflector made for producing a long-range beam along with providing a very good illumination in peripheral vision.

The housing has a separate place for all the electronics which control the lighting and intensity to increase the performance of this flashlight. There is also one LED indicator on the top to show the charging status.

Modes & Runtimes

Check out the following to see the runtimes and other information of this light:

  • Strobe mode: This mode will blink the LED light in continuous intervals for 3 hours straight on a full charge.
  • Low mode: The low mode has a runtime of 5 hours and will produce 12,000 candelas of peak beam intensity. It will also have a range of 219 meters while producing 200 Lumens.
  • Medium mode: This mode will give out a light intensity and range of 24,000 candelas and 310 meters respectively. It will also have a runtime of 2.5 hours while dishing out 400 Lumens of output.
  • High mode: In high mode, you will get a total of 800 Lumens with a range of 438 meters. You will also get a peak beam intensity of massive 48,000 candelas for 1.5 hours on single charge.


This flashlight has a dual switch setup. One of the switches is on the front and another one of the tail cap. You can use both of these switches independently.


This best-LED flashlight is made out of 6000 series machined aircraft grade aluminum, so it is very durable, lightweight and strong. The manufacturer has also added a non-slip rubberized grip pattern on it to provide better grip.

The construction of the flashlight is made so that it is 3-meter impact resistant. It is also serialized for positive identification.

Waterproof Rating

You will be able to take this flashlight out in light rain and through a few splashes of water. It is IPX-4 rated for being water resistant.

Dimensions & Weight

The length, diameter and the weight of this Streamlight LED flashlight are 9.65 inches, 1.17 inches and 14 oz respectively.


The flashlight meets all the applicable European community directives.


You will get a lifetime warranty on this flashlight for any defects. Although, this lifetime warranty does not include rechargeable batteries, chargers, electronics and switches. All those things have a warranty of 2 years.


You are going to get the following things inside the package:

  • Streamlight LED flashlight
  • 120V AC charger
  • 12 V DC piggyback charger
  • Charging holder
  • Huge peak beam intensity.
  • IPX-4 water resistant.
  • 3-meter impact resistant.
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • High ratings on Amazon.
  • Huge beam throw distance.
  • No SOS or Beacon mode.
  • The flashlight is not water submersible.
  • List Element
This is a really good flashlight considering the low price and features package. If you work in law enforcement or any other job where you would need a very strong and a reliable partner at night, then go for this flashlight. It will not disappoint you in any way.

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