Streamlight 75713 Stinger Review in 2022 – [Is it the best?]

Looking for a very good LED Flashlight for yourself?

Well, this Streamlight Stinger can be perfect for you, because it is made for all kinds of different usage.

Checkout the Review below to find more of that juicy details.

Streamlight 75713 LED flashlight review

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This best LED flashlight is one of those lights which have received a very good support from the customers on amazon.

This flashlight has been reviewed by more than 250 customers, all of them collectively have given this flashlight a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

Really impressive, right?

Who can use this Flashlight?

According to the manufacturer, this flashlight is made for use in law enforcement, automotive, industrial, fire and rescue, sports and general home usage.

Pretty much everyone can use this flashlight.

Batteries & Charger

You will be getting a rechargeable battery with this flashlight which can be recharged for at least 1000 cycles. It is durable and will not degrade quickly. 

It is an 3-Cell 3.6 Volt 2.6 Ah Nickel MH Sub-C battery.

The flashlight can be charged with all the existing streamlight chargers and all the new ones as well.

The flashlight will charge to 100% in just 4.5 hours if you use the smart charger which has a 5 Volt 1A USB input. You can even use 12 Volt DC input, in which case the battery will charge to a 100% in only 3 hours.

You will also get a universal AC input charging cord in the package as well. as per your country, you will receive either a IEC type A cord, type C cord, Type G cord or a Type I cord for charging your flashlight. 

The chargers that are provided with the flashlight are all snap in charger to help you attached to cord very quickly. 

They will also provide a DC car charger as well with which you can charge your flashlight on the go. 

There is an LED indicator on the front which will show you the charging status of the flashlight. 


The LED bulb used in this best LED flashlight is a C4 bulb. This bulb is really very bright and will last you for at least 50,000 hours. 

Also, the bulb is very strong and will not easily break when the flashlight is dropped on the floor. 

Lens and LED Housing

As with all the Streamlight flashlights, this Streamlight 75713 LED flashlight also comes with an unbreakable poly-carbonate lens. The lens also has an anti-scratch coating on the front to prevent scratches while the flashlight is in the bag with other things. 

They have also added a deep dish parabolic reflector which helps the flashlight to provide you with a tight beam along with optimal peripheral lighting. 

The housing mainly consist of optimized electronic circuitry which acts as a prevention and keeps tabs on the light intensity. 

Modes & Runtimes

There are 3 light modes on this flashlight as follows:

  • High Mode: this mode will give you an Output of 425 Lumens and run-time of 3 hours. also, it will provide you 26,000 candelas of peak beam intensity and 322 meters of beam throw. 
  • Medium Mode: the peak beam intensity and the run-time in this mode will be 12,000 candelas and 5 .5 hours respectively. The power output will be 200 lumens and you will get a range of 219 meters. 
  • Low Mode: the run-time, range and output in this mode is 10 hours, 155 meters and 100 lumens respectively. however, the peak beam intensity is 6,000 candelas only. 


Using this flashlight is very easy as it has 2 switches on the front and on the tail-cap. The first one is an Push button switch which is designed to last for very long. They have actually tested the switch at 1 million actuation. 

Amazing, right?

The second switch is at the tail cap which is very helpful in tactical situations. Both of the switches work independently of each other. 


The flashlight is made out of 6000 series machined aircraft grade aluminum. This make the flashlight very strong and very durable. 

They have also added a non-slip rubberized grip on it to increase the grip when in wet conditions. It also has anti-roll design which prevent the flashlight from rolling away on flat surfaces. 

Best thing?

This flashlight is 1 meter drop tested and will survive any kind of falls from hands. 

Waterproof Rating

The whole flashlight is IPX-4 waterproof rated. You can use this flashlight in light rain but you would not be able to submerge it in water. 

Dimensions & Weight

The total weight of the flashlight is only 364 grams. The dimensions are 8.84 inches by 1.62 inches. 


This flashlight meets all the applicable European community directives. It is also CE and CEC compliant as well. 


As with all the Streamlight flashlight, you will be getting a limited lifetime warranty with this flashlight.

However, the warranty on chargers, battery and electronic parts is only of 2 years


You will get the following things inside the package:

  • Streamlight 75713 LED flashlight
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Holster
  • AC charger
  • DC charger
  • Ring holder
  • High ratings on amazon.
  • CEC andCE comliant.
  • Charges in only 3 hours.
  • Comes with C4 LED bulb.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Lasts for 10 hours on low mode.
  • Unbreakable poly-carbonate lens.
  • No SOS or Strobe mode.
If you love full sized flashlight then this is a great option. The only thing that the flashlight does not have is SOS and Strobe modes. if you can let that go, then this will be a great choice. It has been given a 4.6 Star rating on amazon, which is really rare for LED flashlights. It will work for 10 hours on low mode and will never give you any problems as it comes with unbreakable lens and 1 meter drop resistance. hurry up and buy it today from Amazon!

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