SOG DE-06 LED Review – Exclusive 2022 Tactical Flashlight Review!

In this post, we bring you a very tough and durable flashlight from SOG.

This flashlight is specially designed to be used in a tactical environment where you need a reliable and very high-quality partner in the form of a handheld torch.

This dark energy powerful flashlight is different than other handheld flashlights, they even look different.

Let's check out all the features that are provided by this best tactical flashlight 2022 in depth.

SOG DE-06 LED Flashlight - Exclusive 2019 Tactical Review!


People on Amazon who bought this flashlight are praising it for being one of the best LED flashlights out there in 2022. It has been rated by more than 70 customers on Amazon and given a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

SOG is always careful when making their products, they make sure that they provide you the best and tested products only.

Who can use this Flashlight?

Although this flashlight can be used by pretty much anyone, we would advise all the people who go out hunting or sports activities at night to use this flashlight. It is branded as a tactical flashlight is designed to be used in fast, rough and extreme conditions.

It is also an every day carry item (EDC), so you can hang it on with you every day as well.

Batteries & Charger

The battery which power this powerful flashlight is a 18650 battery. This battery is rechargeable as well. This battery holds about 2600 mAh power @ 3.7 Volt.

You can even use 2 CR123 batteries in this best tactical flashlight. So, you have got a few options to choose from. You will get 1 18650 battery and a charger with the pack.

The best part is that the company will provide you a recharging dock with the purchase.

Cool, isn’t it?


This SOG tactical Dark Energy LED flashlight comes with a CREE LED. As you might already know, CREE LEDs are some of the best LEDs that you will find in flashlights.

They have used CREE R5 LED in this flashlight. This LED bulb is durable, shock resistant and will work for years to come.

Lens and LED Housing

The front lens of this flashlight has a special coating which prevents scratches on the lens. They have also added a textured aluminum reflector on the front. The main reason for doing that is the reflector will provide a homogenous diffusion of the light that is transmitted by the LED. It will also help diffuse proper peripheral light as well.

The housing has a rubberized O-ring which is sealed to protect the electronics and LED from getting dusty or wet. It also makes the flashlight water resistant.

Modes & Runtimes

The maximum light intensity you can get from this model is 700 Lumens, which is quite huge for a flashlight that can be stored in the pocket.

You will get 5 different modes on this flashlight.

  • Strobe mode
  • High mode
  • Low mode
  • Reading mode
  • Momentary on mode

If you use the flashlight at high mode, then you will get a lumen capacity of 700 and the runtime of about 98 minutes continuously.

If you use the reading mode, you can use this flashlight for more than 4 days continuously @ 10 Lumens on a single charge. That is amazing, right?

The momentary on mode will make sure that you get a burst of light for a moment when you want to check something out but don’t want to turn the flashlight completely on.

Cool stuff, right?


You have got 5 different lighting modes, so you might think it will be very confusing to shuffle between modes.

Don’t worry!

They have made it easy to use this flashlight by adding a single button system which will allow you to shuffle through the 5 modes without actually pressing or holding the button. A light press will change the mode.

You just have to half press the button to change the mode!


Talking about the construction, the housing and the outer case of this flashlight is made out of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. This kind of ally is used when they have to make something hollow from inside yet make it very strong and sturdy.

The T6 part in the code of the aluminum means that the aluminum is heat treated. This heat treatment always makes it more durable and very long lasting.

The color of the housing is matt black and is hard class III anodized to give more strength. The anodized coating on the top will also prevent any damage to happen to the alloy underneath.

The outer surface of the flashlight is checkered and in a striped design, which makes it very gripping when holding in wet hands as well.

There is a belt clip on the rear side of the flashlight to make it attached to your belt.

Waterproof Rating

The whole flashlight is waterproof and has a rating of IPX7.

You can use this flashlight in the rain or during camping or scuba diving. It is completely safe to submerge the flashlight as well. You can submerge the flashlight in 3.5 feet water for about 30 minutes at a time and nothing is going to happen to this beast flashlight.

Dimensions & Weight

The weight of this best tactical LED flashlight 2022 is only 4.8 oz. And the dimensions of this SOG tactical Dark Energy DE-06 LED flashlight are 6 inches by 1 inch.


This best tactical LED flashlight is tested and certified by the FL1 standard for being very safe and durable for use by anyone.


The company is always ready for repairs, refunds or replacements if anything goes wrong. You will get a limited lifetime warranty on this flashlight.


  • SOG Dark Energy DE-06 LED flashlight
  • 18650 battery
  • Charger
  • Battery charging dock
  • Belt clip
  • Pros
    • Perfect for hunting and using with a gun.
    • Long lasting runtime.
    • CREE R5 LED used.
    • IPX7 Waterproof
    • Durable and lightweight.
    • Works with 18650 and CR123 Batteries.
    • Free charging dock.
    • Lifetime warranty.
    • Very high ratings on Amazon.
    • No SOS mode.
    This SOG Tactical Dark Energy DE-06 flashlight is built for people who love hunting and outdoors.

    You get a flashlight which is made out of very strong materials and has special features that will allow you to be a center of attraction wherever you go. If you are in law enforcement or police, then this is an ideal partner you would want to have at night. Buy it today from Amazon and tell us what you loved in this flashlight.

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