Best EASYBUY Rechargeable CR123A Batteries & Charger Pack Review – Save MONEY!

Best EASYBUY Rechargeable RCR123A Batteries and Charger Pack – Buy this today and save MONEY!

We have done a lot of reviews of flashlights which use CR123A batteries on this website.

Generally, the CR123a batteries that you get free with the flashlight are non-rechargeable batteries. So, we will be giving out a really good option for you to buy the RCR123a batteries.

Remider: CR123a and RCR123a are the same batteries, the difference is that one of them is rechargeable and another is not.

Why should you use Rechargeable CR123a batteries?

Well, if you use the non-rechargeable ones, then you will have to through them out and buy new ones every time the batteries are discharged. However, with the RCR123a batteries, you can just recharge them and use them again.

You will be doing good for your pocket as it saves money in the long term and also, you will be doing good to the environment as you will be not throwing out batteries very frequently.


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So now let’s look at the review of the EasyBuy RCR123a Batteries.

EASYBUY Rechargeable CR123A Batteries and Charger Pack

This pack comes with a total of 8 RCR123A batteries and one charger to charge them whenever you need. This charger is really cool looking and very slim.

The charge also has a built-in switching power technology which will intelligently charge your batteries the same way no matter in which country you go (different countries have different spec power outlets).

You will need only 1.5 hours to charge a single batch of batteries with this awesome charger.

The charger is capable of charging four batteries at a time; it will show you the amount of charging done by LED indicators on the front.

Do the buyers love ​RCR123A ​Batteries?

Well, the 60+ buyers who bought this charger and batteries on Amazon have given it a rating of 4.2 stars which shows that it indeed is a good product.

What’s the best feature?

We really love that the manufacturer has provided different types of ways to plug the charger in. You can either use the USB port or the USB Type C or a USB Micropower input.

Impressive, isn’t it?

The charger output is 4.2 Volts 500mA*1 / 500mA*4. And the input specs are 5 volt / 2.1 Amp. The charger will monitor and charge all the four batteries independently.

So, is this batch charger safe?

Well, the manufacturer is really proud of this charger as it is CE and RoHS certified for safety and reliability. It is completely safe to use anywhere you like.

On top of that, it also features the following safety protections:

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Automatic Cut-off
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Surge Current Protection
  • Surge Voltage Protection

​how long-lasting are the batteries?

The batteries can be recharged up to 500 times before they start losing power. They will retain 70% of the original power capacity after 500 full charge and discharge cycles.

The capacity of a single battery is 700 mAh, and it weighs only 22 grams. You will be getting a warranty of 1 year on this charger and batteries.

​Note: You should never use the RCR123a batteries with any other non-rechargeable batteries.

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