Olight M2R Warrior Review in 2022

This very small LED flashlight is one of the best small flashlights in 2022. It is made by Olight, which means it is of the topmost quality.

If you do not know about Olight already, then let us tell you a bit about them. They have a very long track record of being the top when it comes to providing their customers with the very best flashlights. This brand has been around since before 2006 and is one of the oldest and most reputed companies out there making LED flashlights.

The flashlight we are going to review today is from the M series which is by far the most selling series of Olight. We can vouch by their durability and long-lasting life.

Alright, let us dive into the detailed review now.

Olight M2R Warrior Review

Olight M2R Warrior Review


We already talked about the manufacturer’s reputation, let us talk about the reputation of this M2R LED flashlight on the market.

On Amazon, the buyers have given this flashlight a total rating of 4.5 stars. This kind of rating from nearly a 100 buyers says that the flashlight is indeed very good.

Who can use this Flashlight?

This flashlight can be used by everyone!

It is very small and can be held in the pocket as well. But mainly people who buy this light, use it in their guns. Check out the picture below showing the flashlight mounted on a gun.

Olight M2R Review

Batteries & Charger

The most important feature in any flashlight is its batteries, right?

This Olight M2R LED flashlight comes with a conventional 18650 battery which has a power of 3500 mAh in it. You can use any brands 18650 battery and it will work with this flashlight.

You can charge this battery with the provided MCC USB cable or you can buy the special Olight Micro-dok model II or above to charge the battery. This dock is especially useful when you have multiple lights and multiple batteries to charge.

The charger that is provided with the package is a 5 Volt 750mAh Olight Magnetic charging cable. The charging cable snaps in the battery for easy charging.


The LED that is used in this best small tactical flashlight 2022 is CREE XHP35 HD LED. This LED is extremely powerful and will give you a light intensity power of between 1 Lumen and a whopping 1500 Lumens.

The lifespan of this LED is a minimum of 50,000 Hours.

Lens and LED Housing

This small tactical flashlight has an orange peel reflector installed inside the housing. What that does is, it helps the light beam to broaden without losing its uniformity.

There is a low battery indicator on the housing which is very useful when charging the flashlight.

Modes & Runtimes

You will get a total of 6 modes on this Olight M2R LED flashlight. Check out the following to get information on runtimes and light intensities:

  • Turbo mode: This the highest mode you can get on this flashlight and will give you 1500 Lumens of power for 30 minutes.
  • High mode: This is the mode which you will normally use, it will give you a runtime of 2 hours at a light intensity of 700 Lumens.
  • Medium mode 1: This medium mode will have a light intensity of 250 Lumens and will give you light for a duration of more than 6 Hours.
  • Medium mode 2: Medium mode 2 provide a Lumen power of 60 Lumens at a runtime of more than 20 Hours.
  • Low Mode: Using this mode, you will be able to extract a runtime of 70 Hours from this flashlight at about 15 Lumens of light brightness.
  • Firefly mode: This firefly mode is used when you don't want to lose the eye sensitivity because of bright light. Additionally, it is also used to see or read a map without notifying the surrounding of the bright light. The mode works with only a 1 Lumens power and will give you a whopping 25 Days of usage.

You will get an extra strobe mode on this flashlight as well. The total maximum beam throw distance of this flashlight is 700 feet.


There are two switches on this flashlight. One is on the front end and another near the tail cap.

The switches are virtually noiseless when turned or clicked. You won’t give away your position because of the click sound. The switches won’t wear out with time and are extremely durable.

As there is no barrier ring around the switch, you won’t have to worry about misfires when turning the flashlight on.

It also has a tactical marking system, low power warning and a lockout mode. You can use the mode memory feature to come back to the same mode that was used when the flashlight was turned off.


The best thing on this flashlight is the crenelated bezel which is strong and can be used as a striking tool in defense. The body has an anti-roll and anti-slip design to help increase the grip in hands.

The whole flashlight has an anodized coating on it to prevent any damage. The flashlight is made out of stainless steel, so it quite strong and will last for years to come.

Waterproof Rating

This Olight flashlight M2R model is an IPX 8 waterproof model. You can submerge the flashlight up to 1 meter in water depth for about 4 hours and nothing is going to happen to little beast.

Dimensions & Weight

The length of the flashlight is 5.12 inches only and the diameter is 1 inch.

Quite small, yeah?

The weight of the flashlight is only 5.47 oz, so you can carry it every day with you wherever you go.


This flashlight has been tested and rated by ANSI and FL1 standards. Olight M2R warrior 2022 is very safe and reliable to be used by even kids.


You will be getting a warranty oh whopping 5 years in which you can contact the manufacturer if you have any defects in materials or workmanship and they will refund or replace the flashlight immediately without any hassle.


  • Olight M2R Warrior Flashlight
  • Lanyard
  • Holster
  • Click-on Kydex holster
  • 10A HDC 3500 mAh18650 battery
  • Double-directional pocket clip
  • USB magnetic charging cable
  • Pros
    • Compact and very lightweight.
    • ANSI and FL1 Rated.
    • IPX8 waterproof rating.
    • Lots of different modes.
    • Multi-switch operation.
    • Slim and comes with lots of free accessories.
    • Magnetic charging cable.
    • Dishes out a massive 1500 lumens of brightness for 30 minutes.
    • Can be used for 25 days continuously on firefly mode.
    • Has a bezel that can be used to strike someone.
    • No SOS mode.
    • No adjustable focusing system.
    We absolutely love this flashlight and would recommend everyone to buy it. it is small and compact but it can dish out a powerful 1500 Lumen bright light. That is very impressive according to us.

    You can attach it to your guns if you like and go out hunting. Other features like dual switch operation, magnetic charging cable, slim and strikable bezel are some of the things which you won't find in all the flashlight on the market.

     So, go on their official Amazon page and see what offers and discounts are running right now.

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