Nitecore TM26 4000 – Ultimate Review of World’s Tiniest Flashlight (2022)

Are you looking for a very compact and small flashlight?

Well, this Nitecore TM26 is a tiny monster that is very bright and powerful. It is marketed as the worlds smallest and brightest LED flashlight by the company.

Awesome isn’t it?

This flashlight is really small and will help you out no matter where you are. It is an EDC flashlight.

Let’s look at the features of this beast of a flashlight in detail.

Nitecore TM26 4000 FlashLight


This is a well-renowned flashlight in the US. It has been rated at 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon, which shows us that everyone who bought is absolutely happy with it.

Nitecore is a very good company, and we ourselves use Nitecore flashlight as well. they will always provide you with the top-quality products only.

Who can use this Flashlight?

As the size of this LED flashlight is very small, it is very easy to carry around either in your pocket or in your bag.

You can take this with you everywhere you go, for example, this best LED flashlight can be handy when you are camping or hiking out at night time or going for a walk in the park at night.

It is suitable for everyone alike, be it kids or adults.

Batteries & Charger

You will have a wide variety of batteries to choose from. This LED flashlight can work with 4 18650 batteries or 8 CR123 batteries or 8 RCR123 batteries.

Amazing, right?

We would recommend you use the provided 18650 batteries as they can be easily recharged with a charger. The power adapter to charge this battery is already included in the packaging.

Along with the AC charger for your home, you will also get a DC car charger as well in case you would want to charge the batteries in your car while travelling.

The flashlight will show you an LED indicator when the battery is low, or the batteries are charging.

Best part?

We love that this best LED flashlight has the capability of working on a single 18650 battery. If you are out somewhere and you only have a single battery, then also you will be able to run this flashlight.

Isn’t it mind-blowing?

The charging port on this flashlight is both dust and water resistant. There is an in-built intelligent charging circuit that will charge the battery very quickly and with utmost safety.


Unlike the regular LED flashlights on the market, this one uses 4 different LEDs to provide you with an immense amount of brightness.

There are a total of 4 CREE XM-L2 U3 LEDs in this flashlight which come together and give you strong bright light. There CREE LEDs are very long lasting are virtually unbreakable. They have a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Lens and LED Housing

The flashlight sports an integrated OLED display on the front housing which shows a comprehensive display functions list. This display will show you the following things:

  • Temperature
  • Approximate runtime
  • Battery voltage
  • Battery status
  • Lumen output
  • Brightness mode

There are only a handful of LED flashlights on the market that can compete with this OLED display.

Talking about the reflector now, this flashlight has an integrated precision digital optics technology. In simple terms, this technology will provide the flashlight with extreme reflector performance compared to other similar flashlights.

All the reflectors are protected by 4 separate steel bezel rings. These rings will not allow any kind of damage to the reflector.

The lens on the flashlight is a dual side coated mineral glass. Using this type of coating on mineral glass ensures that the flashlight gets the maximum optical efficiency and light transmittance.

Modes & Runtimes

There are a total of 8 modes of brightness levels that can be quickly charged with just a click of a button.

The maximum runtime you can get on this flashlight is of 1000 hours, and the maximum output is of massive 4000 Lumens.

Check out the following to see the different modes and runtimes of this flashlight:

  • Turbo Mode
    • Maximum Lumen Output – 4000
    • Maximum Runtime – 45 minutes
    • Maximum Beam Distance – 454 meters
    • Peak Beam Intensity – 51600 candelas
  • High Mode
    • Maximum Lumen Output – 1900
    • Maximum Runtime – 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Maximum Beam Distance – 308 meters
    • Peak Beam Intensity – 23700 candelas
  • Medium Mode
    • Maximum Lumen Output - 700
    • Maximum Runtime – 8 hours 15 minutes
    • Maximum Beam Distance – 185 meters
    • Peak Beam Intensity – 8550 candelas
  • Low Mode
    • Maximum Lumen Output – 230
    • Maximum Runtime – 48 hours
    • Maximum Beam Distance – 99 meters
    • Peak Beam Intensity – 2480 candelas
  • Lower Mode
    • Maximum Lumen Output – 3
    • Maximum Runtime – 1000 hours
    • Maximum Beam Distance – 12 meters
    • Peak Beam Intensity – 38 candelas

You will also be getting additional modes like strobe, SOS, and Beacon with Lumen outputs of 4000 Lumens for each of them.


This flashlight has an all-new patented multifunctional switch that will make it easy to use the flashlight with one hand. It is also a two-stage button so as to provide a more user-friendly experience to the customers.


The manufacturer has specially designed this flashlight to be compact, lightweight and handy. They have added integrated battery magazine design in the body which adds to the perks of the flashlight being lightweight and compact.

The contact points on the circuits are all gold plated to provide better conductivity and long-lasting durability.

WAIT, there’s more to the body…

The company has installed and designed strengthened thermal heat fins on the flashlight with added temperature sensors to make this LED flashlight one of the safest flashlights on the market.

The bottom tail of the flashlight has a tail stand like design which will enable you to use this flashlight as an upward facing spotlight.

Cool, right?

The flashlight has been designed in a way that it will fit most of the camera tripods if you would want to mount the flashlight for some photography.

The whole body of this flashlight is made out of aircraft grade aluminum, which makes it very lightweight as well as very strong. The body is also hard anodized with HAIII military grade coating to protect the body underneath.

The flashlight also has an impact resistant from a drop of 1-meter height. The flashlight is also IC protected against short circuit, overcharge or over discharge. It also has a current overflow protection of 4A+.

Waterproof Rating

This flashlight is a waterproof flashlight. It has been rated with IPX8 standard and is submersible up to meters in water.

Dimensions & Weight

The total weight of the flashlight is only 438 grams. The length of the LED flashlight is 142mm, and the maximum diameter is 57 mm.


The flashlight is tested and rated by ANSI and NEMA. This flashlight is also built on the FL1 standards.


The overall warranty that comes with this flashlight is of 5 years.


The following things will come with the packaging:

  • Nitecore flashlight
  • Built-in AC charger
  • Car charger
  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • Blue LumenTac Keychain light
  • 4 Nitecore 3400 mAh 18650 Batteries

If you would like to read the Users Manual of this awesome flashlight, then you can follow this link to their official page

  • Works with 3 different types of batteries.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • IPX8 waterproof and water submersible.
  • Lots of different modes of lights.
  • 1-meter impact resistant.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Made with military grade aluminum.
  • 4000 Lumens maximum power.
  • 1000 hours maximum runtime.
  • Exceptional and unique OLED display.
  • This LED flashlight might be expensive for some buyers (although the price is justified for the features it provides).
We love this small LED flashlight. It has some of the best and most unique features that you will ever find in any other flashlights. Honestly, have you ever seen a small flashlight with an OLED screen on it? Well, there’s your answer then! This is the best value for money and technologically advanced LED flashlight on the market. Go buy it and share with us how much you loved it and which are your favorite features.

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