EdisonBright Fenix LD09 LED Flashlight in 2022 – Tiny Waterproof Flashlight

After looking at a lot of flashlights, we found this little gem called FENIX LD09 Flashlight.

It is as little as your car keys, but the manufacturer has packed it with awesome and quite eye-raising features.

This is one of the best AA LED flashlights out there. If you are looking for a very small yet powerful and feature-packed flashlight, then this is it!

Check out the juicy review below describing all its features.

Best LED Flashlights


People have loved this best tiny flashlight from many years now. On Amazon, more than 100 buyers gave it a rating of 4.1 stars.

Additionally, it is made by one of the best and most reputed manufacturers of best LED flashlights out there. So, you don't really have anything to worry about when it comes to Fenix Flashlights.

Who can use this Flashlight?

This is really a tiny LED flashlight, so it is mainly going to be used by one the go people. This awesome Fenix LD09 flashlight will be useful If you are going out for a walk at night or maybe trekking in the mountains with lightweight luggage.

It is small and very lightweight, so it is perfect for cyclist, joggers and old people who do not want to keep heavy flashlights with them.

This is one of the best EDC flashlights ever made!

Batteries & Charger

Talking about the batteries of this flashlight, you have a choice of 2 types of batteries. You can either use the standard AA batteries which can be found pretty much anywhere, or you can use the rechargeable lithium-ion 14500 battery.

In either case, you will only need a single battery. If you are going to buy a rechargeable 14500 battery, then we would suggest to only buy the branded battery from a quality manufacturer like Olight or EdisonBright.

If you are using 14500 battery, then you will have to buy a charger for that if you don’t have it already.


We like that the company has used a CREE LED bulb in this Fenix LD09 flashlight, as CREE bulbs are really efficient when using the battery and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The LED bulb that has been used in this best tiny flashlight is the CREE XP-E2(R3) LED. It is able to produce a massive 220 Lumen power.

Lens and LED Housing

The lens on the front of the flashlight is made out of ultra-clear glass. It has been toughened and coated with an anti-reflective coating as well. All this will prevent the beam from dispersing and will give you a uniform and tight beam.

The housing has a tiny circuit which digitally regulated the output and will maintain constant brightness no matter the charge level on the battery.

They have also added an intelligent drive circuit to optimize and give you the highest battery performance possible.

Modes & Runtimes

There are three main modes on this flashlight as described below:

  • High mode: In this mode, you will get a maximum Lumen power of 220 and a runtime of 1 hour.
  • Medium mode: This mode will give you a runtime of 5 hours and 35 minutes at an output power of 50 lumens.
  • Low mode: During this mode, the output power is going to be 3 Lumens, and the flashlight will work for 58 hours straight.

The total range of this Fenix LD09 LED flashlight is 120 meters, and the peak beam intensity is 3800 candelas.

Best part?

We were surprised to find an SOS mode in this tiny little LED flashlight.


This flashlight has a tactical tail switch which will help you shuffle through different modes on clicking repeatedly. This switch is really good for fast operations in emergency situations.


The whole flashlight is made out of very durable and long-lasting aircraft grade aluminum along with a Type III hard-anodized and anti-abrasive finish.


You will get a body clip along with an anti-roll design which will not allow the flashlight to roll on the floor. The flashlight is capable to stand upright to simulate a candle.

The manufacturer has added reverse polarity protection on this flashlight, which means if you insert the battery in the wrong way, then it will not damage the flashlight at all. Along with that, they have also added overheat protection as well.

Waterproof Rating

You will be surprised to know that this tiny little Fenix LD09 flashlight is completely waterproof.

It has been rated with an IPX-8 rating, so you can even submerge it in the water of 2-meter depth.

Really cool, right?

Dimensions & Weight

The length of this LED flashlight is only 3.7 inches, and the diameter is 0.7 inches. Whereas, the weight of this tiny flashlight is just 35 grams.


This flashlight is certified by CE for its safety.


The company provides a limited lifetime warranty for this flashlight.


The following things are provided in the packaging:

  • Fenix LD09 LED Flashlight
  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • Body clip
  • Spare O-Ring
  • AA Battery
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • ​Very compact and lightweight.
  • ​It is highly rated on Amazon.
  • ​Limited lifetime warranty.
  • ​IPX-8 waterproof.
  • ​2-meter drop tested.
  • ​SOS available.
  • ​It is made with aircraft grade aluminum.
  • ​Reverse polarity protection.
  • ​Very affordable.
  • ​Lots of free spares and accessories.
  • ​None.
This is a must buy for everyone out there. This flashlight very cheap, very strong and works for very long on simple AA battery. This is truly an everyday carry flashlight. Honestly, who gives features like waterproof, reverse polarity protection and CREE LED in a flashlight which costs so less and is few inches in length? We would suggest everyone buy this as this is one of the best small LED flashlights out there.

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