Fenix CL25R Lantern LED Light Review in 2020 – Perfect Light Partner for Camping!

Do you go camping quite too often? Then you are going to love this Fenix CL25R LED lantern.

Having a good light source is one of the most important checklist items of camping or trekking. You will always carry a light source with you, correct?

This LED lantern style light is really cool looking and spread a lot of lighting in all directions. Perfect for people who want to have a 360-degree light source in their camps at night.

Check out the juicy details below.

Best LED Flashlight Reviews


Fenix makes the best flashlights on the market; we love them so much that we have reviewed so many of their flashlights on our website.

This Fenix CL25R camping lantern light has been reviewed by 50 people on, and they all have given it a great rating of 4 stars

The people have written reviews on how this lantern styled light have helped them during night times on their trips.

Who can use this Flashlight?

This is not a long-range flashlight like other Fenix LED flashlights. This is a lantern styled light which can disperse bright light around 360 degrees.

The best use for this light is during camping, fishing, trekking trips outdoors. It can also be used in your backyard if you have a drinking session there and do not have a light source.

Overall, anyone can use this lantern style light as it is safe and very handy.

Batteries & Charger

You will be provided with a single 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery which can be used to operate this light. However, if you are going somewhere where there is no electricity to recharge this lantern, then you should bring 2 CR123A batteries (provided with this lantern) with you as they will also work with the lantern.

Cool, right?

So how do you charge this lantern light?

You will be provided with a micro-USB cable which can be used to recharge this flashlight. You can use any kind of USB adapter to use with the cable.

They have also added an LED charging indicator for you to check the charging status of the light. Low voltage warning function is also added for safety.

Another feature that we love is that you can use the lantern while it is being charged.


The company has incorporated two types of LEDs in this lantern. One of them is a series of white LEDs and another series of red LEDs.

The white LEDs will come with four output options, and the red LEDs will come with two output options.

Lens and LED Housing

The housing inside the lantern has a safety system and protective circuits to prevent damages to the light:

  • Overcharging protection
  • Over-discharging protection
  • Low voltage protection

Modes & Runtimes

There are two sets of modes in this light, one for the red LEDs and another for the white LEDs.

For the white LEDs, you will get four different brightness levels namely, low, mid, high and turbo. The maximum turbo mode will dish out 350 lumens of output power. The overall range of this lantern is 82 feet in diameter.

The moonlight mode on this Fenix CL25R will provide light for up to 600 hours.

The red LEDs will switch on when you double press the switch, which will give out constant red light only. This red light is used to prevent a loss of eye sensitivity when you need your light for just a few seconds.

Additionally, the red light is also used by people who are trying to do night photography, as the white light will disturb the exposure in the photograph. Mosquitos are also avoided by using the red light. 

You will also get a flashing red-light mode on this lantern, which can be used as a signal or warning.

Impressive modes, yeah?

Check out the below information of multiple runtimes:

  • Moonlight: 0.8 Lumens for 600 hours
  • Medium: 50 Lumens for 23 hours and 45 minutes
  • High: 200 Lumens for 5 hours
  • Turbo: 350 Lumens for 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • Red: 1.5 Lumens for 44 hours


Using this lantern is very straightforward. You will have a big white button on the top of your lantern which you can single press or double press for 0.8 seconds to get white or red light respectively.


The construction of the awesome lantern is really quite impressive; you get a hanging loop, tripod mount underneath the lantern and a magnetic base as well.

The overall design of this lantern is cold resistant and will work in very cold areas. The overall lantern is impact resistant up to 1 meter of height.

Waterproof Rating

This Fenix CL25R lantern is rated with an IPX-6 rating. This means that you can use this lantern in the rain and during large splashes of water, although it is not advisable to submerge the lantern in water.

Make sure the charging USB cap is always sealed properly before taking the lantern out in the wet environment.

Dimensions & Weight

The weight of this lantern is only 130 grams. The dimensions are 2 inches (diameter) by 3.9 inches (height).


​As with all the Fenix products, this lantern also comes with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing and workmanship defects.


So, what do you get in the package?

  • Fenix CL25R Lantern light
  • 1 X 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 2 X CR123A batteries
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Spare O-Ring
  • ​Perfect for camping.
  • ​Lifetime warranty.
  • ​Works for 600 hours on moonlight mode.
  • ​IPX-6 waterproof.
  • ​Red and white light available.
  • ​Built-in magnetic base and tripod socket.
  • ​Works while it's being charged.
  • ​Compact and handy.
  • ​Does not have SOS light mode.
  • ​Low range as the light is being thrown out 360 degrees.
This is not your regular LED flashlight that we usually review. This is made for people who want to go out on their adventures and have a light source with them. You will not get surround illumination with a LED flashlight, but this lantern style light will give you 360-degree surround illumination on your next camping trip. It is truly a great product which we would recommend to anyone who has the need for an LED lantern.

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