COAST HP7R Flashlight Review in 2022 – Is it the best?

Are you out here looking for one of the best Compact and Small LED flashlights?

Well, no more searching!

Let us present to you the Coast HP7R Compact LED flashlight. This is a really good long-range flashlight that can easily fit inside your pocket when you are wandering around in the world. You can get this flashlight in many different bright colors as well.

Let’s check out the features in detail, shall we?

COAST HP7R Flashlight Review

COAST HP7R Flashlight Review


You might already know that people love flashlights from Coast! They provide very high-end professional quality handheld torches and LED flashlights that outperform a lot of brands on the market.

Fun Fact: Coast have been making flashlights from the last 100 years!

This Coast HP7R rechargeable LED flashlight has earned a 4.3-star rating from more than 80 buyers on Amazon. Everyone that bought this flashlight is really very happy with its performance and quality.

Who can use this Flashlight?

This flashlight is suitable for everyone out there. Especially if you are in law enforcement or police job, then this flashlight will act as a good partner during night time. 

It is very compact; therefore, it can be used by hikers and campers as well. Along with that, you can even place this flashlight in your cars glove compartment in case you need it during a breakdown or emergency.

Batteries & Charger

This best small LED flashlight has various charging options.

You will be getting 4 AA batteries which can be used with the flashlight. You will also get a pack of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries as well. These lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs have their own little charging port on them individually. So, you can charge the battery directly without inserting it into the flashlight itself. 

Very handy, right?

If you have inserted the rechargeable battery inside the flashlight, you can even charge it from there as well. You will get a micro UBS cable to charge the batteries.

You can use any charger that you find laying around in the house to charge these batteries and flashlight. As the cable and AC/DC adapters come in the packaging, you don't need anything else.

You will be getting a red LED light when the battery is charging and agree LED light when it's finished charging to 100%.

We just love this flashlight because of these unique features.


You will get a CREE XP-E LED in this best small flashlight 2022. As we all know, CREE LEDs are some of the best LED bulbs that you can get in any flashlight. They are powerful, efficient and have a very long lifespan. 

This is an LED which is unbreakable, so you don’t have to worry ever about getting a new one. The LED is also shock resistant and will withstand a fall from hand.

The total lifespan of the CREE XP-E LED is 50,000 Hours, which is like a lifetime of flashlight usage.

Lens and LED Housing

There is a special reflector installed in this flashlight which will always give you consistent and uniform lighting in all areas without flickering the beam.

Coast HP7R Review

The housing features a slide focus technology. What that does is, you can actually slide the head of the flashlight to adjust the beam. You can have a wide beam which will flood the nearby area with light or you can have a very tight beam to focus the light on a far away target.

You can transform this best small flashlight 2022 between a floodlight and a spotlight very easily and within a second.

Modes & Run times

All the flashlights that are made by Coast come with multiple modes of illumination and light intensities. In this Coast HP7R flashlight, you will get a total of 2 modes. Check out the following for more information about runtimes and other things:

When the flashlight is operating on AA batteries.

  • High Mode: You will be getting a light intensity of 265 Lumens along with a runtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes. The maximum beam throw distance in this mode will be 1154 feet.
  • Low Mode: In this mode, you will get a beam throw distance of 364 feet. The light intensity and the runtime during this mode will be 30 Lumens and 12 Hours respectively.

When the flashlight is operating on Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries:

  • High Mode: The total runtime on this mode is 7 Hours, the Lumens output is 300 and the maximum beam distance you are going to get is 1154 feet.
  • Low Mode: The total runtime in this mode will be whopping 33 Hours. The Lumen output and the maximum beam distance will be 30 Lumens and 364 feet respectively.

To get a beam throw distance of 1154 feet from a very compact flashlight is really impressive, isn’t it?

Lastly, don't forget the high-intensity strobe mode that you get in this flashlight.


The operation of this best compact but powerful LED flashlight is very easy. You just have to use the tail cap switch to toggle through the different modes.

It is simple so its perfect for use by elder people who don't have a knack of new technology.


The whole flashlight is made out of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. This aluminum alloy is very durable, strong and is impact resistive. The company has found the perfect balance between keeping the strength of the flashlight and keeping the weight of the flashlight as low as possible.

This flashlight is going to be reliable for years to come.

Waterproof Rating

This flashlight has a sealed rubber O-ring which makes the flashlight water resistant. You can easily take this flashlight out in the rain but make sure you do not submerge it in water as it is not a waterproof model.

Dimensions & Weight

The overall weight of the Coast HP7R flashlight is 7.2 oz and the dimensions are 6.125 inches by 1.5 inch.


This best small flashlight 2022 has been tested by ANSI and FL1 standards for being very safe and reliable to use.


You will be getting a limited lifetime warranty by Coast against defects in workmanship or in materials. The company will promptly refund or replace the flashlight if you have any manufacturing problems in your flashlight.


The following are the things that you are going to find in your package:

  • Coast HP7R Flashlight
  • 2 Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Lanyard
  • Heavy duty holster/sheath
  • Wall mount
  • Speed clip
  • AC and DC adapter chargers
  • Micro USB cable
  • No dark rings during beam shifting.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Very lightweight and compact.
  • Very powerful beam.
  • ANSI and FL1 standard tested.
  • Water resistant.
  • Multiple ways of charging the batteries.
  • Can work with AA batteries as well.
  • Quick shifting long-range focusing optic.
  • No SOS mode.
  • Not waterproof, so don’t submerge in water.
This is a flashlight that will surely help you out wherever and whenever. If you are out here looking for a good functioning and durable flashlight, then we would suggest you to buy it. it is small, lightweight and also tested by a high standard for safety and reliability.

It gives you multiple charging options which you will not find in any other LED flashlights out there, so it is pretty much very unique. We are sure you will love it from the first use itself.

Check out the official Amazon link to see what the latest prices and discount are being offered on this Coast HP7R flashlight.

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